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The market competition pattern of 3D printed metal powder may change

The market competition pattern of 3D printing metal powder will change as more companies enter or increase their production and R & D efforts in the field of metal powder. In 2016, GKN, Oerlikon and Alcoa made active strategic plans.


Metal injection molding technology in detail

Metal injection molding (referred to as MIM) is a technology combining powder metallurgy and injection molding, which breaks through the traditional powder metallurgy product shape and strength limitations, also breaks through the strength limitations of die casting, breaks through the material flow restrictions of stamping molds, and breaks through precision. Mass production restrictions for casting and high cost constraints for turned parts.


Rich variety of raw materials, and the variety of domestic powder metallurgy products has been expanded

In terms of raw materials, at present, the main raw materials of powder metallurgy in China are not only reduced iron powder, electrolytic copper powder, etc., and domestic production of atomized iron powder, stainless steel powder, high-speed steel powder, coated powder and various element metal MIM powder, Ceramic powders can basically meet the needs of domestic production of high-strength parts, and can also produce raw material powders for special purposes, which greatly expands the variety of powder metallurgy products, but there is still a large gap in quality and variety from abroad.


Development of metal injection molding

Metal injection molding can be traced back to the powder injection molding preparation of ceramic spark plugs that began in the 1920s. In the following decades, powder injection molding mainly focused on ceramic injection molding. It wasn't until 1979 that the metal injection molding products of Parmatech formed by Wiech and others won two awards. At that time, Wiech and Rivers were granted patents. Powder injection molding began to turn to metal injection molding.


China's hardware products export brand to be strong

After the unremitting progress of the entire industry, by 2012, the total import and export of China's hardware products industry has exceeded the 100 billion US dollar mark, reaching 102 billion US dollars, of which exports are about 81 billion U.S. dollars and imports are about 21 billion U.S. dollars. The total value of imports and exports of US $ 51.6 billion has almost doubled. However, a large part of the industry's export value comes from foreign investment and joint ventures. Therefore, while the industry is expanding its exports, it must further consider how to strengthen its export brands and gradually increase the export proportion of the industry's own brands. "Jin Lixin, secretary general of the China Metal Products Association, said in an interview with reporters about the development of the industry a few days ago.


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